Your Pet’s New Favorite Game.

DogGone Fishin’ is the first fully interactive pet toy that allows you to play with your pet, without getting up off the couch. Simply use the fishing rod to cast toys to your dog or cat and reel them back in for playtime that is fun for them and easy for you!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


A Whole New Fishin’ Game...
with your Pet!


Fully-Functional Fishing Pole

DogGone Fishin’ includes a fully functioning fishing pole. Just as you would cast a line into the water and reel it back in when fishing at your favorite lake spot, DogGone Fishin’ allows you to do the same when playing with your pet.

Quick Release

Finally, the relaxation and fun attributed to fishing can be incorporated into playtime with your pet!

DogGone Fishin’ includes a quick-release component that resembles live fishing, so you can stay put and hang out while your dog or cat does all of the running, jumping and playing.

Swivel Movement

It’s time for your pet to learn some new tricks. Dogs and cats can surprise us with their willingness to be active and try new things. The swivel component in DogGone Fishin’ allows your dog to try just about any movement while providing continuous support.

Weather Resistant

DogGone Fishin’ is not only for indoor use; made with Military Grade fabric allow you to play with your pet outside in any weather condition.

Not limited for dogs.
Cats love fishin’ too!

Designed & Engineered for Safe Game Play

Durable Double Coated Fishing Rod

Another Level of Playtime

Combining the best of beloved games like fetch and tug of war. Dog Gone Fishin’ offers true continual engagement for both the pet and owner. When you toss traditional fetching toys, there is an immediate loss of excitement by pet due to the lack of engagement from the owner while the toy is being retrieved and returned. With Dog Gone Fishin’, stay engaged with your pet the entire time when you cast, evade and tug.

Your Pet’s Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority

If you or your pet are unhappy with our product, simply return it within 30 days of receiving the product and we’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple.

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