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If you love playing with your fur-babies, you are going to love the DogGoneFishin’ Rod and the story of how it came to be our favorite dog toy! Like all of you, our founder loves nothing more than playing with his pups.

A few years ago, he, unfortunately, had to undergo surgery because of a health problem that limited his mobility for quite a while. Throughout his recovery, he tried to play fetch with his dogs from the bed, couch, or even a front porch chair. This was deemed difficult when he would throw a toy for his dog in hopes of playing fetch, just to have it never brought back to him. Unlike a lot of people who encounter this problem, he was unable to get up and retrieve the toy to continue playing with his pups.

This is when an idea sparked inside of him. He was determined to not let his limited mobility alter his experience playing with his dogs. 

He spent the remaining time in his recovery finding a way in which he could have control over his dog’s toy returning to him, while also giving his pups the freedom to run free and play fetch. His drive didn’t stop once he recovered. It took him countless months, days, and hours of hard work for the DogGoneFishin’ Rod to be the toy you see today.

He designed the rod with accessibility in mind. Whether your pup loves to run after a toy and gets a little too excited to bring it back, you have limited mobility and are yearning for bringing back the joy of playing with your pup, or simply would like a little more control of your playtime, this toy is for you and your furry friend!  

He also was awarded an exclusive patent for the design of the DogGone Fishin’ pet toy in 2019. 




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