The Ultimate Pet Toy That Will Keep Your Pet Entertained for Hours!

DogGone Fishin’ is the first fully interactive pet toy that allows you to play with your pet without getting up off the couch. Simply use the fishing rod to cast toys to your dog or cat and reel them back in for playtime that is fun for them and easy for you!


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Is your pet no longer getting the interaction they need?

The Perfect Toy for Fur Parents

Dog Gone Fishin’ is the perfect toy for fur parents that want to play with their pets without getting tired. It offers true engagement for both pet and owner. Fun indoors and outdoors and in large and small spaces!


Another Level of Gameplay

Unlike traditional fetching toys, when you toss a traditional toy at your pet, there is an immediate drop in excitement, as the owner doesn’t engage as the toy is retrieved and returned. Simply use the fishing rod to cast toys to your dog or cat and reel them back in for playtime that is fun for them and easy for you!

Activate your Pet

The Dog Gone Fishin’ Pet Toy includes a premium plush toy with a duck-like appearance that can keep your pet excited and interested, and will perfectly satisfy your pet’s urge to chase and chew.

Choose from 2 Designs

What makes the Dog Gone Fishin' better than other pet toys

Fully-Functional Fishing Pole

DogGone Fishin’ includes a fully functioning fishing pole. Just as you would cast a line into the water and reel it back in when fishing at your favorite lake spot, DogGone Fishin’ allows you to do the same when playing with your pet. Our fishing line is created differently than a typical fishing line; it’s designed to be entirely pet-friendly and safe to play with.

Quick Release Feature

Finally, the relaxation and fun attributed to fishing can be incorporated into playtime with your pet! DogGone Fishin’ includes a quick-release component that resembles live fishing, so you can stay put and hang out while your dog or cat does all of the running, jumping and playing.

Swivel Movement

It’s time for your pet to learn some new tricks. Dogs and cats can surprise us with their willingness to be active and try new things. The swivel component in DogGone Fishin’ allows your dog to try just about any movement while providing continuous support.

Weather Resistant

DogGone Fishin’ is not only for indoor use; weather-resistant materials allow you to play with your pet outside in any weather condition.

How to Use Dog Gone Fishin’

Grab Your Rod & Pup

Make sure the toy is firmly secured to the snap release buckle.

Adjust Drag,
Then Cast

Adjust drag to prevent damage from tugging. Release the line by pressing the cast button

Reel Your Pup In
& Have Fun!

Once your pet engages, reel in the toy and enjoy playing!

DogGone Fishin' is not only for dogs. Cats love fishin' too!

Other Fun Games That You and Your Pet Will Enjoy


Tug of War


Start to Reel in the Fun!

What Other Pet Owners Say

Dog Gone Fishin is awesome! My pet loves it so much that we play for a long time!

Stephen Flores Dog Owner

This is so much fun that your normal pet toy! Truly extraordinary!

Marissa Young Cat Owner

I'm impressed with the quality of the Rod! My dog can now run outside without me taking a sweat and play with him!

Whitney Romero Dog Owner

My cats love it so much!

Stephen Flores Cat Owner

An Active Pet is a Healthy Pet

Frequently Answered Questions

How long is the rod & how long is the cord?

The rod is 28 inches long and the fishing line is 70 feet long.

What if my fishing line breaks?

We offer replacement fishing line on our website.

Does this come with the duck toy?

Yes, the set includes 1 toy.

Would this work for cats?

Yes, the Dog Gone Fishin Pet Toy can also be used for your cats!

What if the Plush Toy starts to wear?

The plush toy is sturdy enough to withstand energetic dogs and In any case that it breaks, you can get a replacement in our shop.

Can I use this to play with big dogs?

The line is recommended for small to medium pets. **upgraded line for bigger dogs is coming soon**



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